About Us

Massive is focused on solving climate change through various initiatives.

The Massive Group

GoMassive Earth Network

Led by entrepreneurs, seasoned angel investors, corporates, and VCs, GoMassive Earth Network(GEN) is an accelerator/incubator that supports sustainability startups solving pollution & climate change. The network brings access to capital, mentorship, and validation of ideas through its partnerships with research labs, tech academia, and policy think tanks. GEN has evaluated 500+ startups in the pollution space since 2019. GEN is running various accelerator programs for Low Carbon Earth designed by United Nations Environment Program and Tech Emerge by International Finance Corporation, a part of the World Bank group.


Massive Earth Foundation

The Massive Earth Foundation (MEF) is a non–profit organization, with the vision to effect actionable policy, research, and project for the Pollution Reduction / Climate change Industry. MEF is also working to build a vibrant ecosystem to support innovation & scale through partnerships, investments, and ecosystem building in the area of Clean Cities, Clean Energy, Clean Mobility, Smart and Sustainable Agriculture, Waste Management and the sustainable built environment.

Climate Angels Network

Climate Angels is a SEBI registered CAT1 angel investment fund that invests in startups working on Climate Tech and Pollution Reduction Tech.

Climate Angels Fund is backed by India’s leading Entrepreneurs, VCs, and Investors for solving Pollution & Climate change.

The Events We Organize

Massive Earth Summit

The Massive Earth Summit brings together thought leaders from diverse fields to share their views and insights on Pollution-as-Resource mindset. Pollution Reduction Industry, a $15 trillion opportunity, is constituted by companies that utilize Pollution to create and sell products and services, and in the process reduce it. 

Massive Earth Summit is India’s first grand coalition where the private sector is joining forces with policymakers and innovators to find solutions for climate change which has become an urgent crisis matter.

ClimateNXT Series

ClimateNXT series brings together handpicked audience of 150+ marquee climate tech investors, leading industrialists, key policy makers, venture capitalists/ angel investors, startups, senior government officials and industry senior professionals as they unite to explore how we as a community can generate the most economic and societal value from the transformative climate technologies shaping our next decade.

 It is a formal networking event over dinner that provides a platform to interact with people at the cutting edge of climate tech innovations featuring visionary insights, big picture conversations and fresh takes on the transformative climate technologies shaping our future. 

We have hosted WasteNXT, VentureNXT and MobilityNXT in the past, going forward it will be called ClimateNXT and will be hosted in all major cities including Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Dubai, San Francisco among others.

Climate Thursdays

On the last Thursday of every month, meet superstar founders, global tech CEOs, leading policymakers, top investors, future unicorns and the game changing leaders of tomorrow at Climate Thursdays. 

Interact with people at the cutting edge of climate tech innovation and find out how founders of most innovative start-ups are approaching funding and scaling while tackling some of the greatest challenges facing humanity.

Stay Tuned

For every event, we receive a huge lineup of attendees. 

To participate in the India’s premier community of climate tech leaders working towards a more inclusive and sustainable future, share your details and we’ll let you know the updates.