Climate Thursdays

Where climate and Investment Converge

Climate Thursdays” is a knowledge and networking platform for climate tech enthusiasts (Entrepreneurs, Investors, Professionals, Policy makers and Journalists) who are looking to work in climate tech sector.

Climate Thursdays are held on the last Thursday of alternate months in Bengaluru and Delhi.
Each Climate Thursday session has one fire side chat with a climate expert on a given topic-from Green Hydrogen to Alternative Materials- followed by networking event over beer and pizza.

Climate Thursdays aims at creating a Climate Ecosystem and brings all interested parties together in an informal setting for the purpose of building community.

If you are a founder looking for co-founders and team members, if you are curious about climate tech and wish to connect with other climate enthusiasts or even if you are just trying to understand the space of climate tech, then Climate Thursday is a good start for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! .
Yes, this event can help you to interact and learn from the senior professional of the climate tech space. This can further help you to develop your startup.

You need to fill in your details on a form which is available at the Massive Summit website to get the invite for the event. 

Early-stage founders, CXOs, climate tech companies, entrepreneurs, and every other professional working in the field of climate tech can apply for the event.

Climate Thursdays is an offline event which will be organized in different cities starting from Bengaluru.

There is a minimal ticket price that you need to pay to be a part of the event. 

You would be able to interact and learn from the experiences of thought founders, engage yourself with the latest trends and also you can build networks for future collaborations with on-growing climate tech startups. 

Thought founders, CXOs and climate experts have fire side chat over climate action on topics starting from Green Hydrogen to Alternative Materials over beer and pizza. 

You can submit your details at the partner/sponsor page which is available at the Massive Summit website. 

Yes, we encourage participation of people as much as they wish to. 

Yes. By joining Climate Thursdays, you can get in touch with VCs, potential founders and can learn the latest trends of the climate sector. This would help you to invest in promising startups.  

You should surely be part of this event. By joining the event you can understand the latest trends, network with professionals, entrepreneurs, founders, policy makers and VCs in the space of climate action, and you can get future collaborating opportunities.  

If you are curious to know about climate tech and have no prior knowledge, then Climate Thursday is the best place for you to start. You can get career opportunities through startups, acquire knowledge and learn from potential startups for your future goals. 

Yes, you surely can. This platform is open to every potential founder who is working in the space of climate tech and pollution reduction. 

Yes, at Climate Thursdays we encourage participation of as many people who are interested in the field of climate action.