Solar Energy for India in a Carbonless Future

A meager 3% of India’s energy demands are met by renewable sources (Bio and Solar). India’s renewable energy capacity, as of October 2017, stands close to 61 GW. Wind energy dominates with 33 GW of installed operational capacity, followed by 15.5 GW of solar, 4.4 GW of small hydro, and 8 GW of bio-power. This is significantly short of the 175 GW renewable energy capacity target set for 2022.

How can India back up its vision with effective policies to scale up renewable energy, support domestic manufacturing, and skill in the workforce? Or will the solar sector merely rely on wishful thinking? How fast is India adding Solar capacity? What are the roadblocks? Is it policy? Or skill? Or technology?

Manoj Kohli, Chairman, Softbank Energy


Ravi Sharma, ex-CEO Adani Power