Prasanna Singh

Anil Kakodkar
Prasanna Singh is a Journalism graduate from Delhi University, who, when he realized that being a business journalist requires a lot more knowledge than the Economics and Political Science his course at college taught him, went off to do an MBA from, where else, Delhi University’s Faculty of Management Studies. FMS briefly turned his interest to financial services, before sanity struck back, and he was quickly back to what he loves, media. He joined afaqs!, India’s earliest B2B firm for the media and advertising community, and ended up becoming COO there in seven years, before eventually moving on in 2015. From there on, it was a search for the most fulfilling option for him, a journey that took him to Yourstory, the best and most interesting firm for startups, and a mentoring role at WittyFeed, a giant viral content platform from the country. A strong interest in the environment, that frequently takes up all his free time, besides an abiding habit of keeping up with the latest in tech that can make it better, meant that when it came to the plunge, Iamrenew it had to be.