Pavan Sukhdev

Pavan Sukhdev
Pavan Sukhdev is the founder & chair of GIST, an NGO that specializes in research into major economic externalities arising from natural capital and human capital.

Until recently, Pavan was Special Adviser and Head of UNEP’s Green Economy Initiative, a major project suite which demonstrated under his leadership that the greening of economies is not a burden on growth but rather a new engine for growth, employment and the reduction of persistent poverty.

Pavan is also Study Leader for the G8+5 commissioned report on The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB), a project he was appointed to lead in March 2008 by the EU Commission and Germany whilst still working full time at Deutsche Bank as a Managing Director. TEEB, a global study on “The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity” commissioned by the G8+5, released a widely-acclaimed suite of reports at the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity bi-annual meeting (CBD COP-10) at Nagoya, Japan, in October 2010. TEEB’s Report was welcomed globally for its fresh economic outlook, showing the economic significance of the loss of nature’s services, and connecting biodiversity and ecosystems with ethics, equity and the alleviation of poverty.

A career banker, Pavan Sukhdev was on a sabbatical from the Deutsche Bank for two years till 2010 to conduct his environmental projects, TEEB and the Green Economy Initiative. He continues to be on the Board of Deutsche Bank’s Global Markets Centre.

Pavan pursues long-standing interests in environmental economics and nature conservation through his work with GIST and other NGO’s. GIST has researched, developed and published methodology and empirical work on preparing comprehensive “Green Accounts” for India and its States, a first among developing countries.

Pavan is Chairperson of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Biodiversity and been a regular speaker at Davos. He serves on the boards of Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), Conservation International (CI) and on UNDP’s Advisory Panel on the Human Development Report and its Human Development Index (HDI). He has been awarded the McKluskey Fellowship, 2011, by Yale University.