Japan as a partner for solving India’s Massive Problems

Japan has surely come around from the ages of World Wars (1914-18; 1941) & Atomic Bombings (1945). The Country also is known as the land of rising Sun had accelerated growth rapidly in term of Industrial production and economic & social infrastructure. There are lot many learnings that the world, especially emerging and developing nations can learn from Japan. It has done some commendable reforms on social & environmental issues, viz. restriction of industrial emissions, restriction of products, restriction of wastes, improvement of energy conservation, promotion of recycling, restriction of land utilization, the arrangement of environmental pollution control programs, etc.

India is a developing nation with 1.3 billion population and accounts for circa 17% of the world’s population. That’s MASSIVE; and hence the MASSIVE problems. India can surely learn to solve its major environmental issues, from Japan to survive and grow without losing its nature’s capabilities. Some of the key problems under focus would be Pollution, Water Sanitation, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Electric Vehicle & Energy Storage, and Sustainable Housing